Advent: Day 23

The Film: Un long dimanche de fiançailles [A Very Long Engagement]
Some movies take you on a journey. There may be times you’re not sure you want to go but if you do you will be rewarded. It isn’t often a romantic film is also as intense and violent as this one so if you’re expecting the Audrey Tautou from Amelie, you will be dissapointed. This film takes patience but there is a story worth telling here and if you’re able to handle the graphic depictions of war, you will stay for the charming layer underneath.

There is a lot going on in this little film. War. Romance. Tragedy. Hope. And most people will either enjoy the modern directing style in the historical setting. Or they won’t. The same can be said for the ending but I found it to be as satisfying as it could be. The visual impact of this film is it’s key note. It all comes down to what’s on screen. The attention to detail is really director Jean-Pierre Jeunet‘s specialty and though it does feel at time like some of the tricks he uses to tell the story are leftovers from Amelie, the feast for the eyes, the characters, the humor and the sharp wit of the script bring it all together.

If I had to pick a reason to recommend the film it would be Audrey Tautou for her ability to bring life to the protagonist and Dominique Pinon who, though he’s not the focus of the film, manages to make a memorable performance in a memorable film.

The Food: Meatloaf Chilli
This isn’t going to be a recipe you make often as the main ingredient is leftover meatloaf. But if you’re looking for an alternative to a sandwich — this is it. The only real difference is more of a vegetable taste but that’s a great thing. If I had time I would have added extra vegetables in with the onions to give it an even deeper flavor. The green onions on top helped to brighten the dish and it really warmed my cold grey day.

The amounts aren’t exact because everyone has a ratio they prefer. I also make all my chilli with spices not found in the traditional recipe. This may be for you or not — but the point is to be inspired. Don’t let leftovers go unloved in your refrigerator. There’s a meal waiting in there!

Heat vegetable oil in a pot and cook until browned
Spices (Chilli powder, tumeric, corriander, cumin, sumac)
Ground black pepper
When onions are browned, add and stir until it coats the onions
Then add and stir
Plain Crushed Tomatoes, undrained
(If you need a little more liquid to dissolve the flour, add a little water or beef broth but be cautious of the amount when you add the liquid from the beans.) Put on a lid and let it simmer. When the tomates have broken down add
Dark Kidney Beans, undrained
Black Beans, undrained
Cook until thick. Serve with
Green onions
Baked Potato Chips

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