Advent: Day 2

The Film: Mon meilleur ami [My Best Friend]
Directed by Patrice Lectone, this film has everything you would want from a good comedy but is secretly so much more. It’s a simple idea but the way Leconte approaches the subject, the way he does with all of his films, as both director and writer is so delicate and subtle you hardly realize how much is being said about humanity. It doesn’t need to boast or go on for hours about life like some. He hides deep philosophy and personal * in comedy, drama, and story. You’re so entertained, it isn’t until the laughter has died down you realize there’s so much more to talk about.

I absolutely refuse to mention the remake of this film coming out. I don’t care that Wes Anderson is involved or that I might eventually love his version too. I’m going to remain militant against remakes of foreign films. I loved that My Best Friend — without gross-out humor, sex, or even a love story — was a complete story. I don’t know how it could possibly be improved.

Daniel Auteuil and Dany Boon give perfect performances, their chemistry is effortless. Moments in the film worthy of the recommendation are plenty but there are two that made me laugh out loud. When Auteuil first seeks how to make a friend, and when he and Boon are on the subway. Très classique.

The Food: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies [from Smitten Kitchen]
Now in all the razzle-dazzle of Christmas with it’s twisted red and white candy cane cookies, shapely and sparkly sugar cookie, and the people-pleaser peanut butter blossoms, you might forget the good old hard-working every-man cookie. But not if I can help it. No sir.
I made these. Or rather, I wanted to make these. But it was late and I didn’t have all the ingredients so I made my version of these using quick oats and fake brown sugar made for baking. I also didn’t have any eggs so I used 1 TBS of flax in 3 TBS of water. I let it sit while I melted my frozen butter. Did I say melted? I mean boiled due to a user error with the microwave.

But it worked out for the best – everything was very easy to mix with a spoon and it didn’t hurt the recipe at all. I just left it in the fridge for longer to make sure it was cooled. The flax went in with the fake sugar and the quick oats with the dry ingredients but I kept everything else the same. I even put the fridge instead of eating it by the spoonful.

I used my Grandma’s mellonballer to make bite-size cookies and was able to load up the cookie sheet because they don’t spread very much. And the taste? Perfection.  This is one of the least fussiest cookie recipes ever. I might even call it never-fail-worthy.

Made two batches. Ate some, froze some. Slightly regretting the second step. Wondering how a cookiecicle would work. Maybe with enough coffee to melt it…

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