Christmas Advent: Day 1

Last December brought a Japanese Christmas and Tokyo Godfathers. This year say bonjour en français de Noël!

Celluloid and Leftovers is the inspiration for my Christmas this year so I’ve decided to decorate with French film and food.  I will also be posting a recipe and review of a French film each day until Christmas!

The Film: Wasabi
This enjoyable little film bridges the gap between Japan 2010 and France 2011. Jean Reno stars as a policeman who travels to Japan for the reading of a will and is left to look after a girl with connections to his past.

The humor is far from subtle and not consistently in the best of taste but nothing really deserving of its R-rating. No sex, no drugs, no prolonged graphic violence but not by any means a deep or logical film. Wasabi is somewhere between mystery, comedy, drama, and action it’s perfect if you’re in the mood for a popcorn movie. Just the right layers of culture, action, and comedy to satisfy without effort.

If I had to pick a scene that makes it worth the recommendation it’d be the small moment between Reno and the girl, Yumi, and her mispronunciation — understandable even without subtitles.

The Food: Ice Cream
And speaking of bridging the gap — I had such a lovley time making ice cream this summer I forgot to post about it.

There are certain appliances in one’s life that make you wonder if you could ever go back to the way things were. I’ve acquired a few of these recently and what I’ve come to realize is the whole new world of possibilities and creativity they bring. One of these was an ice cream maker from Aldi. It’s not huge. It’s not professional grade. But it is so much fun!

I have yet to be as adventurous with the recipes as I usually am but who cares about adventure when it tastes so right. Did you know vanilla is actually a flavor? I do now. And strawberry with toasted almonds — that was a keeper. I also enjoyed how different the ice cream tasted when it was at various stages of freezing. Sometimes I served it right from the machine, other times I let it get solid in the freezer. As of yet, I haven’t made a batch I didn’t love. Really love. Mostly because I know the ingredients and am able to make sugar-free varieties with such tasty results. You will no longer see me searching the stores for Edy’s candy cane ice cream. I’m making my own!

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